Top Talent.

Direct, Local Support.

Aligned Incentives.

Top Talent

We are the world's top modelers with decades of experience across multiple industries.
Our skills have been repeatedly proven in a competitive enviornment.
  • It's one thing to claim expertise.
  • We can show it (beating others with 20+ years of experience)!
Consultants often accept pie in the sky estimates as "good enough". Why? They just need a directional answer and will often reuse a cookie-cutter piece of work completed for another client, as it's not worth the time investment to get to dig deeper.
Not us.
  • With our skills, we can dig deep.
  • With our experience, we know where to dig and share best practices across industries.

Direct, Local Support

If you sign with us, what do you get?
  • We roll up our sleeves and do the work ourselves.
  • We are seasoned professionals with decades of experience.
  • We are not analysts right out of school who may miss a critical input, assumption, or piece of logic somewhere.
  • We are local and do not outsource any work.
Should you ever have a critical need, would it be nice to have an experienced professional replying during the day, and not an inexperienced offshore resource that replies after hours?

Aligned Incentives

We stand by our work and the value it creates.
In the past, we have received equity in lieu of cash. In fact, we welcome it.
We believe in driving value first and foremost. With success-based billing, we only succeed if you do.
Do you want results, or do you want consultants that drag out the work, resulting in unnecessary extensions and periodic invoices?